March 11, 2024 | Belen, NM

The bulls offered here represent four diverse consignors who have come together to offer ranchers a tremendous selection of some of the best bloodlines in the industry, all in one location.

We would like to express our gratitude to everyone who attend and purchased bulls at our 17th annual sale on March 13, 2023. We value and appreciate your time and support for all our consignors. We hope everyone has a successful year!

What's in your pasture?

As you will read in the biography each consigner has provided, one program may emphasize calving ease, while another may emphasize on growth. Some of these bulls are raised on the prairies, others are raised in the mountains. They do all have one thing in common however, you won’t find them laying in the shade by the water tank waiting for the cows to come around, because they are READY FOR WORK!

Why Ready For Work Bulls?

  • All bulls are vaccinated, and Trich and fertility tested

  • Bulls built to last: these bulls are not over-fat, and they're acclimated to the southwest climate which means they are ready to work for you. 

  • Quality selection from diverse programs that value her health, calving ease, fertility, longevity, growth, feed efficiency, carcass qualities and more to improve your bottom line.


Everything to know about our sale

Sale Terms and Conditions:

Cattle will sell under the Terms and Conditions as recommended by the American Angus Association. A copy is available at the sale. Terms of sale are cash. All announcements from the auction block take precedence over sale book information. Auctioneer’s decision is final

All bulls have passed breeding soundness exam, fertility tested and verified negative for Trich and BVD-PI

Sale Day Supplement Sheet:

Be sure to pick up a sale-day supplement with all their yearling and ultrasound data. Sale order will be published on the day of the auction.

Sale Order:

Sale order will be published on the day of the auction. 

American Angus Association Representative:

Radale Tiner

(979) 492-2663


Cattlemens Livestock Auction

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