U Bar Ranch

Silver City, New Mexico

U Bar Ranch is in the business of livestock production and, ultimately beef production. We are located near Silver City in the high desert of southwestern New Mexico. First and foremost, we produce quality, Angus influenced commercial cattle. It is the philosophy of U Bar Ranch to produce animals that will “fit the bill” in the feedlot or out on the range.

To meet the need for bulls in our commercial herd, we developed a registered Angus herd. Since 1992 these registered Angus cattle have been bred for the genetics required for efficient production in our southern New Mexico and Arizona environments. We strive to produce cattle that better fit our specific arid environment. Our goal is to develop cattle that are moderate framed and have lower milk production values. These cattle are easy fleshing and continually outperform most other Angus bred cattle in our demanding environment.

Careful genetic selection ensures that you do not have to give up performance in your calves such as heavy weaning weights and carcass quality. Our registered cattle have pedigrees which include sires and dams that are nationally known for strong maternal, growth, and quality carcass characteristics. We also have bulls that are specifically bred for low birthweight potential.

In addition to meeting our own bull needs, we offer high quality, ready to work registered Angus bulls and heifers to many other commercial and purebred breeders in the region. Over the past 29 years of breeding registered Angus cattle, U Bar Ranch has supplied over 2500 seedstock bulls to commercial cattle raisers in the southwest. Many loyal customers come to U Bar every year for their bull needs. These producers continue to attest to the quality U Bar Ranch Angus bulls bring to their cow herds. Many of these commercial cattle growers retain ownership and go on to feed their calves through the feedlot and on to slaughter. The performance of these producers’ calves continue to reinforce our conviction that U Bar Angus cattle “fit the bill”. We look forward to meeting your needs as well.

U Bar Ranch bulls are raised on improved and native range pasture, near Gila, NM. Our sale bulls have been supplemented with Purina Accuration Limiter for 70 days prior to the sale. At 12 weeks and at weaning, they receive Ultra Choice 7 (blackleg), Occu-gard MB-1 (pinkeye), and Pyramid 5+ Presponce SQ (modified live). Also, at weaning, they received Dectomax injectable wormer.

R O Cattle Co.

Silver City, New Mexico

RO Registered Angus cattle started with the purchase by Ryan Ogilvie of 5 registered Angus heifers from the U Bar Ranch registered herd in 1998 for a high school FFA / 4H project. Early on, these registered Angus females were used to raise Angus show steers at the county and state level. Now several years since Ryan has continued raising registered Angus, RO Angus cattle have become an integral part of the U Bar registered herd.

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